Performance title highlights for
some of Statesmans Silhouette's offspring

The awards won by Silhouette's offspring are too numerous to list and this compilation is by no means complete. If you'd like to update this listing with addition information or photos of these or any other Silhouette kids, please e-mail us.

Spring Hollow Destrier (Statesmans Silhouette x Nodaway Tilli) 1995 bay gelding, owned by Gail Bowden, Pennsylvania

Laughters Lord Wilson (Statesmans Silhouette x Otterbein May Mary) 1995 black gelding, owned by Jr/YR Casey Riddle, Maryland

Spring Hollow Night Magic (Statesmans Silhouette x Bethesda Sorceress) 1997 bay gelding, co-owned and trained/ridden by JR/YR Devon Shoemake

Spring Hollow En Avant (Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Mercedes) 1996 liver chestnut gelding, owned by Jenna Irvin, Pennsylvania

Phenomenon (Statesmans Silhouette x Savanac's Centerfold) 1996 black-bay gelding, owned by Jennifer Duga, Canada

Creekvale Crescent Shadow (Statesmans Silhouette x Fox Ridge Destiny) 1996 bay gelding, owned by Elisabeth Charas, California.

Spring Hollow Dark Shadow (Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Jocasta) 1995 black mare, owned by Mike and Penny Arnold, North Carolina

Caduceus Quintanna (Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Exira) 1996 black mare, owned by Beth Sheller, Tennessee

Creekvale Chardonnay (Statesmans Silhouette x Fox Ridge Destiny) 1999 Bay Mare bred and owned by Deanna Nowicki, New York

Spring Hollow Beaujolais (Statesmans Silhouette x Statesmans Morita) 1995 liver chestnut gelding owned by Nancy Mann of Virginia

Spring Hollow Kyros (Statesmans Silhouette x Fox Ridge Destiny) 2001 black gelding owned by Spring Hollow Morgans, Pennsylvania

Spring Hollow Raindancer (Statesmans Silhouette x Statesmans Miracle) 2002 liver chestnut gelding, owned by Rebecca Douglass, Maryland

Spring Hollow Merlin (Statesmans Silhouette x Bethesda Sorceress) 2001 bay gelding owned by Jennifer Vida, Michigan

Spring Hollow Legend (Statesmans Silhouette x Spring Hollow Legacy) 2005 Colt owned by Spring Hollow Morgans, Pennsylvania

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