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We always have young horses and others in training that may be available for purchase to the right home that aren't advertised, so feel free to contact us if you're interested in our breeding program or to learn if we have something that may fit your needs.

A slection of the Silhouette Offspring that have been Sold
Spring Hollow Cassanova

Spring Hollow Cassanova - (Statesmans Silhouette x Spring Hollow Legacy{Patchett Hill by Easter Vermont x Coal Creek Bay Bee by Wyoming Flyhawk}) 2007 Bay Morgan gelding; 15 hands and still growing. One of the most talented youngsters we've ever bred, we think he's every bit as talented as his older brother, Spring Hollow Legend, who has won championships in sport horse breeding with scores as high as 83%. The photos tell part of the story - this young gelding has expressive, powerful gaits and a free shoulder, that, coupled with natural power and "sit" from behind should make him an excellent prospect to move up the levels in dressage - or do just about anything his rider wants from a mount in competition. The photos can't show Casey's easy-going, agreeable temperament - while he's not under saddle yet, he has been handled extensively and has always taken every new thing in stride - he's a youngster who can "turn it on" when you want, but will quickly "turn-off" when you just want to hang-out. Competition home preferred - he deserves to go to a rider with ambitions to compete and demonstrate the Morgan breed's talent in the sport horse arena. Congratulations to Margaret Cunningham of Lebanon, Ohio, on her purchase of "Casey" as her future competitive dressage mount.. Click on image to open a slide show of images shot in September 2010 (you may need to toggle down to his slideshow under "viewing album"). E-mail [email protected] or (814) 766-2915. Video available on request, e-mail for more information.

Spring Hollow Excaliber Spring Hollow Excaliber - (Statesmans Silhouette x Bethesda Sorceress{Wyoming Flyhawk x Bethesda Enchantress}) 2006 Bay Morgan gelding; 15.3 hands and still growing. "Cal" wants to do it all - he's a versatile, fun youngster that will showcase the versatility of the Morgan Breed. Suited for Morgan working hunter, dressage, hunter paces, trail rding - he will also excel at being your best friend. Quietly working in both the arena and on trail - not much phases him. He's a free and easy mover who just needs more time under saddle to do it all. Like most of his five full siblings, Cal has been slow to mature, so he wasn't started until this year, but he's now ready to go to work. He will make a nice match for a junior or amateur who wants to compete - but most of all, a rider who wants a lifelong partner and best friend. Congratulations to Lisa Winton of Dillsburg, PA on her purchase of "Cal" for dressage and general pleasure riding.. Click on image to open a slideshow of images shot in September 2010 (you may need to toggle up to his slideshow under "viewing album"). E-mail [email protected] or (814) 766-2915.
spring hollow gabriella Spring Hollow Gabriella - (Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Mercedes {Wyoming Flyhawk x Rachel Knox}) 2005 Black Morgan mare; 14.3 hands. "Gabby" is a fun, super-talented mare who is ready to go to work for you. Quietly working walk, trot canter both in the arena and on trail, shows talent over fences. She has three lovely, uphill gaits with a natural ability to "sit" and push off the hindquarters. Gabby is a confident filly who we see as a very versatile mount - she'll be perfect for a small adult or dedicated junior for eventing, dressage, hunter paces, etc. This is a cross that has been proven over and over again - her full siblings and full siblings by blood have won championships in dressage, working hunter and advanced combined driving. Congratulations to Diana Henry and her parents on her purchase Gabriella as her all-around junior mount. Click on link to open larger image in new window. Second photo at the trot. Photo at the canter. E-mail [email protected] or (814)766-2915. Online video available. E-mail for link.
Spring Hollow Mystique Spring Hollow Mystique - (Statesmans Silhouette x Bethesda Sorceress by Wyoming Flyhawk) 1999 bay Morgan mare; 15 hands. She is extremely talented with loads of athleticism. Schooling first level dressage, has experience jumping in the arena and cross country, trail rides equally well alone and in company. Easy to work around on the ground, clipping, trailering, etc. Mystique possesses that wonderful Morgan character. She is currently being ridden by college students in group lessons on the flat and over fences. She is packing an 8 year old around the farm and over small jumps in the arena. She is a very healthy and sound and could be a great broodmare prospect. Congratulations to 9 year old, Taylor Wilbanks of Midland, TX on her purchase of Mystique to be her pony club mount. Click on link to open larger image in new window. Second photo at the trot. See photo over cross country fence. E-mail [email protected] or (814)766-2915. Online video available. E-mail for link.
Spring Hollow Falcon Spring Hollow Falcon - (Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Ulricka) 2004 bay Morgan Gelding; Mature 15 hands. Talented, naturally balanced, uncomplicated, willing youngster, working quietly under saddle at the Walk, Trot and Canter and happily going on trails alone or in company. Has a superb canter and shows ability for collected work. Enjoys freeschooling over fences and has lots of scope and aptitude. Still green, but very quiet and suitable for an amateur or junior young rider to continue his training. Great ground manners - good for farrier, vet, vacuums, etc. Congratulations to Sissy Alstatt of Finksburg, Md. on her purchase of Falcon as a pleasure and sport horse mount. Click on link to open larger image in new window. See photo at the canter. See headshot. E-mail [email protected] or (814)766-2915.


Caduceus Quintanna

Caduceus Quintanna1996, 15.2 hand Black Mare. (Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Exira by Wyoming Flyhawk). An unusual opportunity to purchase a mare of this quality and training. Quintanna is the product of two of the most successful Morgan sport horse breeding programs in the country, with multiple championships in dressage through the FEI levels around the United States from these lines. This elegant mare lives up to this heritage with three forward, airy gaits, including a “10” canter. Registered and Inspected as a 5 year-old by the American Warmblood Registry, she was rated “Premium” with the highest scores in the inspection for gaits. Trained in Florida with Marco Bernal and most recently with Jessie and Betsy Steiner, Quintanna was the 2003 Central Tennessee Dressage Association Amateur First Level Champion and earned her owner a 2002 Morgan Dressage Association training scholarship. Schooling third level with changes, she’s ready to move up the levels. Suitable for a lady, amateur or junior rider, she’s offered for sale only because her owner’s increasingly busy career doesn’t give her the time to develop this mare to her full potential. Video available. Click on small image to see a larger version in a new window. See second photo at the trot. See photo at the canter. E-mail Beth Sheller at Highharpeth Farm for more information. (TN) Sold.


Spring Hollow Lady Grace
Spring Hollow Lady Grace2004, 15.2 hand black filly. Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Mercedes. An elegant, leggy talented filly - Grace is well named, she never puts a foot wrong. Three scopey, naturally uphill, balanced gaits, she is a super dressage or hunter prospect. She love attention, loves people and would rather be with her "person" than another horse. Click on small image of her as a weanling to see a larger version in a new window and see more photos of her on her page under Silhouette offspring. Congratulations to Cyndy Mulligan of South Carolina, who plans a career in and dressage with her youngster.

Spring Hollow Escapade
Spring Hollow Escapade2002, 15.1 hand, bay mare. Statesmans Silhouette x Caduceus Mercedes. Beautiful filly, Escapade has a friendly, winning personality - a typical Morgan! Started quietly under saddle, she immediately loved to go out on the trail and see new things. Three nice gaits with an especially good canter, Escapade is an excellent prospect for a variety of disciplines as well as being a candidate for breeding. Click on small image to see a larger version in a new window and see more photos of her on her page under Silhouette offspring. Congratulations to Judy Woods of Michigan on her purchase of Escapade as a dressage, pleasure and breeding prospect.



LBF Remmington Stehl

LBF Remmington Stehl2003 Bay Gelding with star and white hind ankle. Statesmans Silhouette x LBF Gay Isabella (by Gay Vaquero). This colt has generations of proven performance lines from both sides - his dam was successfully competed through second level with her amateur owner. Remmy is super pretty, with a exceptionally powerful hind end and good bone. Lovely athlete with tons of suspension and scope in all gaits coupled with a great attitiude make him an exceptional performance prospect. Mature 15+ hands. Congratulations to Sally Horne of Hartland, Vermont on her purchase of this talented youngster. Click on small image to open a larger version in a new window. See second photo. Email or call Little Brook Farm, (802) 674-2944 (VT).

Merriewold Esquire

Merriewold Esquire2002 Chestnut Gelding with blaze. (Statesmans Silhouette x Dragonfire Impulse). A beautiful, big gelding who has an exceptional disposition to go along with wonderful athleticism that was proven at the 2004 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Show where he was Reserve Champion Sport Horse Suitability 3 and Under, scoring in the top 5 among all entries. Esquire comes by his quality naturally as both sire and dam are proven performance winners, his sire in dressage, sport horse breeding and working hunter, his dam in eventing. 15.1 hands and still growing, this youngster has been started under saddle and is working lightly at the walk, trot and canter in the ring and has been on the trail - he's taken to training like he does everything else, with ease. This polite gentleman will make a wonderful lifelong partner for an amateur rider/driver and is suited for almost any sport discipline. He is great for the farrier, clips, vacuums, lunges, trailers, etc. Congratulations to Virginia Crews and her daughter, Marcie Schwartz, of Baltimore, MD, on the purchase of Esquire for dressage and pleasure riding. Click on small image to see a larger version in a new window. See second photo at the trot. See third photo at the trot. See photo at the canter. See conformation photo from Mid-A. See photo on the triangle at Mid-A. For More Info: E-mail or call Evonly Equestrian Center (814) 766-2915. (PA)


Spring Hollow Margarita

2000 Bay Filly, connected star strip. Statesmans Silhouette x Statesmans Morita. An extraordinary athlete, "Margeaux" is poised to go in many directions - dressage, carriage, working hunter - the sky's the limit with this talented filly. Congratulations to Sandra Silva, DVM, of Reading, VT, on the purchase of this lovely filly for dressage and pleasure riding. Click on small image to open a larger version in new window.

LBF Son of a Gun

LBF Son of a Gun2002 Dark Bay Colt. Statesmans Silhouette x LBF Gay Isabella (Gay Vaquero x Primavera Ramona). This beautiful colt has exceptional old breeding and proven performance credentials from both sides. His dam is an AMHA Bronze Medallion winner and was successfully competed through Second Level and trained to Third Level by her amateur owner. "Pistol Pete" is a very correct colt with excellent bone, short back and good length of hip. Airy trot, very balanced canter and a lovely disposition round out this exciting prospect. Should mature to at least 15 hands. For More Info: E-mail Polly Smith at [email protected] or call Little Brook Farm, (802) 674-2944 (VT). Photos at two months. Click on small image to see it larger in a new window. See photo 2; See photo 3. See photo of dam competing. Congratulations to John and Ann Ohaus. Hartford, VT, on the purchase of this exciting youngster

High Harpeth Tabasco

2002 Bay Colt with star. (Statesmans Silhouette x Statesmans Hot Sauce). Dam is a double Wyoming Flyhawk granddaughter (See pedigree) with wonderful old Flyhawk and Jubilee King breeding up close who was an AMHA Open Competition Champion in dressage and was ridden through third level. This talented colt has a super hip, very long and straight legs, will mature well over 15 hands. His favorite gait is the canter - always a great sign for a future sport horse! Call Beth Sheller at 615-791-0143 or e-mail [email protected] (TN) Photos at 3 weeks. Click on small image to open a larger version in a new window. See photo moving. See photo of dam competing. Congratulations to SueAnn Jessup of Burlington, Michigan, on the purchase of Tabasco for her future dressage mount.

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