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Sport Morgan Breeders Ltd., a cooperative of small, family oriented Morgan sport horse breeding farms across the United States.

Evonly Equestrian Center, a training facility operated in Hopewell, Pennsylvania, by Lori Shoemake, Statesmans Silhouette's long-time rider, who accepts Morgan Sport Horse prospects for training and to be marketed for sale.

The Morgan Dressage Association. A national service organization of the American Morgan Horse Association, this nationwide organization is dedicated to supporting and promoting Morgans in Dressage.

E-mail discussion list of the Morgan Dressage Association.

The American Morgan Horse Association. The national Breed registry for the Morgan Horse.

Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Club.

Equine Reproduction web site articles. A group of excellent articles on equine reproduction, with especially good resources for mares owners contemplating breeding by shipped semen. The links page for this site has an extensive list of links to other reproduction resources.

Equine Reproduction e-mail list, moderated by the owner of the above web site, this is a very good list for anyone involved in breeding and who may have questions they'd like to have answered by both experts and other breeders.

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