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Spring Hollow Night Magic

The goal of our Morgan Sport Horse Breeding program is to produce natural athletes with the movement, mind and strong conformation to make them suitable for a variety of working disciplines such as hunter, carriage, competitive trail and combined training. Our emphasis, however, is suitability for dressage, which requires horses with three balanced, correct gaits, uphill conformation and a cooperative, tractable disposition - attributes that make them superior prospects for almost any sport.

We find these qualities by combining the bloodlines that have produced our foundation sire, Statesmans Silhouette. His breeding - indeed all of the products of our program - are a blend of the three major traditional Morgan families: Government, Brunk and Old Vermont.

Spring Hollow En Avant

One golden cross for us and several other breeders has been Silhouette bred to Wyoming Flyhawk daughters and granddaughters - producing Morgans with size (all are 15 hands or taller, most are about 15.2), power, three naturally flowing gaits, good bone and substance and wonderful, forgiving temperaments. Two examples are shown here - Spring Hollow Night Magic out of Bethesda Sorceress (Wyoming Flyhawk x Bethesda Enchantress) and Spring Hollow En Avant out of Caduceus Mercedes (Wyoming Flyhawk x Rachel Knox).

We're also breeding Silhouette to several other mares that have exceptional athleticism and a combination of Old Government and Brunk with some modern Morgan bloodlines - we're lucky, Silhouette has proven to be amazingly prepotent and an excellent cross with most Morgan lines. He's produced champion sport horse offspring out of full Lippitt mares, mares with heavy Flyhawk, line-bred Jubilee King, Western Working Family, Old Government and modern lines, giving us the opportunity to look at the entire spectrum of Morgan families for the most athletic mares to use in our program.

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